Creating healthy bodies!

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”
Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

So I’m very excited to be starting a blog, a place where I can share what I consider vital information for all our wellbeing. There are so many sources for the knowledge I will be passing along–my nursing education, personal experience, and various sources on the internet who will of course be credited when appropriate.

What is really thrilling to me lately is being able to share my knowledge of nutrition and supplementation with you. The more I read, see, and share, the more I am absolutely convinced that we all, no matter what our dietary intake might be, MUST supplement daily for optimum health. There is evidence based science from multiple sources dating back 60 years that verifies this fact. Let me tell you why it is so very important to supplement your and your family’s diets.

Beginning in the 1970s or so, farmers have been persuaded via financial backing by our government to farm specific crops. Contrary to wisdom of the ages which dictates crop rotation for optimum health of the soil, megafarms are now subsidized to plant round after round of the same crop. As a result, the soil becomes depleted. It cannot NOT be depleted. There are over 52 micronutrients in healthy soil–that rich, deep brown luscious soil. When crop rotation is not practiced and when farmers fertilize with only nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, the soil is eventually depleted of essential nutrients. What is left is drab, light brown dirt.

This deficient dirt produces weak plants whose immune systems are susceptible to pests and disease. Enter the chemical companies with magical pesticides to kill the bugs and save the crop. Thus we have deficient produce that has been dosed with toxins. And that is what is on our grocery store shelves, advertised as “food.” It looks like food, but it is so nutrient-deficient that it’s almost a misnomer. It is my heartfelt desire to educate you, teach you a new way of shopping, help you do the best you possibly can to provide what you and your family need to live healthy, long lives.

That’s installment one. I can’t wait to talk about antioxidants, basic supplementation, alternate sources of protein, juicing, organic food…and the list goes on. Until next time, be well.

To your health! Annie, RN, MSN


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