Life is Short!

Here’s the most important thing I’ve learned as a hospice nurse: LIFE IS VERY VERY VERY VERY SHORT. And, you don’t have any idea when it’s going to end. The number one leading cause of death in this country for adults over 55 is heart disease (which leads to heart attacks) and often the first symptom that you have this unfortunate condition is DEATH!

Life is so unfair! And so exquisitely beautiful, and full of love, and hope, and dreams. While we toil away at our 9-5 jobs, working 40-50 hours per week, that finite bit of life allotted to us is slipping through our fingers, never to be regained. Let me repeat: Never to be regained. I’d like a do-over of a recent weekend in early March when friends converged on my house for 2 days of concerts, food, and togetherness. Unfortunately during that weekend I was scheduled to work one night shift for hospice and one day shift as a clinical nursing instructor. That led to me literally stumbling through the weekend, present but not present, there in body but so sleep deprived I might as well not have been there at all. What a supreme loss!

And I thought I’d learned the lesson, the LIFE IS SHORT lesson. Turns out I’ve got some reprioritizing to do yet. That’s another thing: We’re never done, never perfect. Jesus was a perfect human being. I never will be. But there is always room for improvement. So in my daily life I strive to be better at being human every day. Progress, not perfection. That IS attainable.

And there are times when I know I’ve done a great job, made an extraordinary difference in someone’s life. Like last night. I was called out to help a patient and family in distress. She has metastatic breast cancer. The mets are to her brain, lungs, and bones primarily. As a consequence of her brain and lung involvement she is agitated and short of breath, and no amount of anti-agitation medications would get this woman to relax. But what I COULD do, and DID do, was be there for her and her family. I taught them how to care for their mom/wife/sister in her newly bedbound state. I taught them about disease progression of breast cancer and what they might expect. I gave them some idea of how rapidly these things might progress. I couldn’t solve their ultimate problem, the impending death of their loved one. But I helped get her more comfortable and the family more prepared for the coming days. That’s a great day, in my book.

Bottom line: How do you want to live your life? Chained to a desk, working nonstop to buy the goodies that you’ll have little or no time to use? Wracked with chronic disease whose onset later in life derails all your plans for a joy-filled retirement?

Because I’ve had the gift of Zija introduced to me by a dear friend, Billy Witt, my quality of life has improved and my longevity extended. Research has proven it unlikely that I will be afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease as my mother has, and her sister had. There is an extensive body of research in reputable journals documenting the benefits of Moringa/Zija consumption. Why on earth would anyone knowingly choose a shorter, more disease ridden life?

I’m here to help you achieve you full potential NOW! I’ve chosen the Empower Network to help spread the word about Zija due to its remarkable track record of reaching wide audiences quickly. And I feel morally obligated to share this information with as many people as possible as fast as possible.

Let me help you and your loved ones live fuller, longer life. Please.

To Your Health!

Annie RN, MSN

Contact me here, or in the comments section of, or on Facebook. I’m looking forward to working with you!


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