Zija and Moringa, the beginning!

When last we met, I was puzzled and lamenting the lack of continued pharmaceutical research into Moringa olifeira due to its proven miraculous therapeutic properties. Since then, I’ve been thinking perhaps it’s better this way, that big pharma not be involved. In fact the Moringa tree has been known to native populations in the Philippines, Hawaii, the sub-Saharan countries, and many other places tropical countries.

Here’s a very informative YOUTUBE video, “Moringa: The Miracle Tree Video” courtesy of Zija: http://youtu.be/-9e2WNPdN-I?hd=1  It’s about 16 minutes long and well worth your (and my) time!

Some of the highlights from the video were that Moringa leaves contain all 9 essential amino acids (known as “essential” because the body cannot manufacture them itself, they have to come from our food/drink); Moringa leaves are a rich source of naturally hypoallergenic plant protein (much fewer allergens than soy); “Moringa contains more vitamins and minerals in various combinations than you find in any other vegetable” stated Mr. Fuglie; in 1998 when Mr. Fuglie undertook to educate the Senegalese re the use of Moringa in prevention of malnutrition, the local Peace Corps informed him they had been using Moringa already for generations (he did succeed in teaching the people how to prepare Moringa for consumption so as to preserve the nutritive properties); as a result of using Moringa more effectively they no longer needed to import expensive milk powder, sugar, or vegetable oil.

I also learned that Moringa is widely available at farmer’s markets in Hawaii (wish I’d known all this when I lived there!) and that among local cultures it is well known that Moringa should be consumed daily for best results. Dr. Monica Macu, author of “Moringa, The Miracle Tree,” reports in the video that,  “Moringa comes very close to being a perfect source of nutrition in terms of variety and nutrition.”

How Moringa went from little-known tree to Zija, the company which produces all its products with a base of Moringa olifeira is best explained by Russ Bianchi, Scientist and Formulator of Zija products:

I look forward to talking about the entire family of Zija products, all based on the amazing miracle tree, Moringa olifeira, and sharing my stories of amazing well being and healing with you.

To Your Health!

Annie, RN, MSN


One thought on “Zija and Moringa, the beginning!

  1. You’re probably right about it being better that big pharma isn’t involved. If they were, they would probably monopolize the product sources making moringa less available to the local population who have been using it for years. Then, they’d jack up the price making it prohibitive for anyone to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful resource.

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