Zija, the Miracle Mix!

The transition of Moringa olifeira into the company, Zija, was accomplished by Mr. Ken Brailsford as I mentioned previously. One of the outstanding team of researchers and formulators he enlisted was Russ Bianchi, star of the YouTube video in my last blog. In that video Mr. Bianchi outlines how the company came about. For those of you unable to access that content, I’ll run through it briefly here again: The team Mr. Brailsford assembled included Russ Bianchi, formulator extraordinaire, and Dr. Monica Manu, author of “Moringa: The Miracle Tree.”

Mr. Brailsford’s team focused on researching and formulating this amazing botanical for delivery and consumption to the rest of the world. Given all the research papers and native knowledge accumulated, the team was fueled by their desire to share this healing substance.  It took the team 1 1/2 years of exhausting research to formulate the first product: a potent, nutrient-packed supplement beverage designed for full bioavailability in the human body. They were able to capture all the benefits of Moringa. One serving of this amazing beverage delivers more than ninety cell-ready nutrients that support various body systems and revitalize the mind and the body.

Successful use of this Zija beverage, Moringa Smart Drink, by thousands around the world has confirmed the therapeutic properties of Moringa have been captured in the new product. Zija Smart Drink was first presented for sale in recyclable cans. The cans are lined to prevent contamination of the product and maintenance of its purity. It is overflowing with cell-ready nutrients, antioxidants, and vital proteins. The beverage is 100% natural and per Russ Bianchi, “…contains over 90 verifiable nutrients in each serving. It is overflowing with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, omega oils, and vital proteins.”  Ideally the drink should be consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, or at least 2 hours before or after any other food. Combining it with any other foods will reduce its efficacy. The recommendation is to consume at least one can per day if you weigh less than 250 pounds; 2 cans for those weighing over 250 pounds.

I prefer the Zija Smart Mix Powder. The contents of these small packets are the same as in Zija’s Smart Drink cans but are packaged in convenient, easy-to-open recycleable packets which are very convenient for traveling. The contents of the packet should be mixed with 8-12 ounces of water in a shaker bottle before going to bed to allow the powder to infuse into the water. The next morning the drink should be consumed first thing on rising on an empty stomach (same as the cans) for best effect. The efficacy of the drink is reduced if consumed with other food as this interferes with the bioavailability of the product. If desired you can mix the powder with more water.

Since I started drinking Zija, I have noticed significant improvements in my overall health. My mood is improved (ask my friends!), my digestion is improved, and I sleep better. The best effect I’ve experienced is–MY HAY FEVER IS GONE! I’ve had hay fever (seasonal allergies) for at least 20 years, and it was a delightful surprise when this April rolled around, and I experienced NO hay fever symptoms. Another wonderful effect is the improvement in my complexion. My skin tone is even, I don’t have break outs (unless I eat WAY too much chocolate), and as a result I wear less make up. A light dusting of powder does the trick. As my MD says, I “…roll out of the tent in the morning looking like a Patagonia model” (her words, not mine).

Life is better with Zija! There is a whole family of Zija products, all based on the amazing miracle tree, Moringa olifeira, and I’ve got more personal stories of healing to share with you, next time…

To Your Health!

Annie, RN, MSN


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