Wonderful Zija Smart Mix and XM+

In my zest to get out the door to Saturday fun in Lodi, then possibly to the Kate Wolf Festival in Laytonville, CA, I neglected to say anything at length about the other health benefits of Zija Smart Mix/Cans. There are MANY, and they are overwhelmingly scientifically proven. For links to any of the research done on Moringa olifeira, visit http://www.researchmoringa.com. There is ample evidence there regarding the therapeutic nature of Moringa to sway even the most stoic.

But I digress, again. Zija Smart Mix has been reported to lessen aches and pains, minimize or normalize ADD, help reduce acne (see my previous blog), help reduce or eliminate allergies (as I reported I no longer have seasonal allergies), reduce anxiety, moderate the symptoms of arthritis, normalize blood glucose (diabetics should monitor their sugars carefully as they will likely change and no longer require insulin or oral meds to manage the disease), normalize blood pressure (again those with hypertension should monitor their pressures and meds accordingly and of course inform your MD that you are taking Zija), promotes healthy circulation, reduces constipation, improves digestion, improves mood (reduces depression–many new consumers go off antidepressants), reduces headaches, normalizes blood cholesterol (inform your doc you’re taking Zija if you are on cholesterol meds), strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, improves sinus congestion, reduces stress, improves vision, and improves overall feelings of well-being.

I have not experienced all those benefits, but I did not have many of those issues when I began using Zija Smart Mix. Another Zija product I love is XM+. This product comes in recyclable packets like the Smart Mix. Each packet of XM+ contains the full nutrient profile of Smart Mix, plus it has natural appetite suppressants and stimulants. I love it. I drink it often now instead of coffee. The suggested way to use XM+ is to mix a packet in the morning with filtered water and then consume throughout the day. It provides energy, and I can attest to not thinking about food for quite a while (for me this is not particularly good, as I need to gain a little weight!).

The benefits of XM+ are many, and I’ll save those for next time. Just know that as with all Zija products, it is infused with therapeutic Moringa goodness.

Life is better with Zija! There is a whole family of Zija products, all based on the amazing miracle tree, Moringa olifeira, and I have many personal stories of healing to share with you, next time…

To Your Health!

Annie, RN, MSN

PS I have to confess, re wearing makeup, I do use a little mascara still…

(The above statements have not been approved by the FDA, and as noted if you are under a doctor’s care for any of the mentioned abnormalities you should keep your MD informed that you are drinking Zija. They will probably want to monitor you more closely)


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