Alzheimer’s Dementia and Hope

About 11 years ago my dad died. There was the usual family chaos, financial upheaval, and heartbreaking loss felt by all of us remaining. I say this with the hindsight of almost 6 years of hospice nursing now, recognize how the loss of our patriarch threw my mom, me, and my 2 sisters out of orbit.

Mom did okay for awhile, grieved appropriately as the social workers would say. She maintained old social contacts and even formed new ones as time went on. I think in the early days after Dad’s death, Jazzercise saved my mom. That and the local chapter of the Republican Women. They gave her something to focus on, kept her physically active, and extraordinarily fit. She was a leader, a joiner, and worked tirelessly as a volunteer at our local hospital.

A few years went by of saddened family gatherings–life goes on, and my sisters and I kept going. I think it was during this time that Mom’s dementia became just a little noticeable to us. In the early stages of any chronic illness, patients are incredibly adept at accommodating to the losses they alone know they are suffering. In the beginning it was little things: repeating the same story 30 minutes after she had just told me. We eventually dragged her (it took a whole lot of convincing) to a neurologist to test her cognitive abilities. He determined she was mildly cognitively impaired and suggested she start taking B vitamins and perhaps Gingko biloba. Her primary care doc started her on Aricept. None of these new meds were well received by mom, as she did not perceive that she had a problem, much less a disease.

She refused to take the Aricept, reporting that it gave her leg cramps (a common side effect). Aricept is not touted as a cure for Alzheimer’s, it can only delay the inevitable formation of amyloid plaques in the patient’s brain that characterize the disease. I wish I knew then what I know now of natural remedies, and of Zija. But the time for taking anything new to effect any change on the course of my mom’s disease is long past, I’m afraid. We can barely get her to visit the doctor, let alone take a new medication. Thanks to, I’ve learned much about ways to forestall the disease.

GreenMedInfo reports that Curcumin, L-Carnitine, folic acid, NAC ( N-acetyl-L-cysteine), SAMe, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D have been shown to slow or in some cases reverse amyloid plaque formation. It’s astounding to me that there are 1,514 abstracts of studies reporting the benefits of curcumin alone. It is particularly effective at causing cell death, or apoptosis, hence an effective anti-cancer med. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Thank you, Mother Nature.

And so I’m drinking my Zija Smart Mix daily, faithfully. I believe that sometime in the not-too-distant future, there will be studies showing that Moringa is also effective at preventing Alzheimer’s. I’m excited to see what new research reveals about the plant’s benefits. Recently I introduced my mom to Zija. She was incapable of understanding how this might possibly help her think better and unwilling to try it. It’s too late for her. But it’s not too late for me, or you.

No matter what your ailment or physical situation, Zija has a product that will undoubtedly improve your physical well being. Life is too short not to experience it in a fully functional body. It’s my goal to help every person that I can possibly reach, receive these benefits. So you too, can “Drink Life In!”

To Your Health!

Annie, RN, MSN


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